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50+Plus Orlando Has Talent!

Audition Entry Rules & Regulations

1) Every talent entrant must be 50 or over.
2) Auditions are limited to five (5) minutes including set up.
3) Be ready. Practice set up before audition.
4) Entrants must provide their accompanist or CD.
5) Animal acts cannot be accommodated.
6) Entrants agree to allow their participation to be used for
50+Plus Orlando Has Talent promotional purposes.
7) Entrants agree to follow contest rules and regulations.
8) Additional terms and conditions may apply.
9) Judges decisions are final.
10) $25 entry fee is not refundable.
11) Entry submission deadline is—January 30, 2020.
12) ParticipationTerms: In consideration of the acceptance of my
entry, I, for myself, my executors, administrators, & assigners,
do hereby release and discharge the “50+Plus Orlando Has
Talent,” 50+Plus FYI Resource Network, and other sponsors for
all claims of damages, demands, actions, whatsoever in any
manner, arising or growing out of my
 participation in this event.
I attest and verify that I have full
 knowledge of the risks involved
in this event and I am physically
 fit and sufficiently trained to
participate in this event. Also, I
 authorize the promotional use of
my name/group names and/or photo, 
video, or audio taken relative
“To 50+Plus Orlando Has Talent.”

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